warm-hearted parenting

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Reflections on connection based parenting from Scotland's most northerly music therapist


The five 'Hand in Hand Parenting' tools are elegantly simple, beautifully effective, research-based, trauma-informed and provide the perfect framework from which to jump whole-heartedly into the ever changing adventure of parenting. I will be forever grateful to Patty Wipfler and to the amazing 'Hand in Hand Parenting' community who are indeed changing the world one family at a time.

In this blog I explore and share my own experiences as I strive to be a warm-hearted parent with five specific but far reaching tools: Playlistening, Staylistening, Listening Partnerships, Special Time and Setting Limits. I'm a certified parenting coach and music therapist, supporting a wonderful, neurodiverse family in a small island community, 60 degrees north. Thanks for being here with me!

Alice x